About Us
Founded in 1982, M.T. Donahoe & Associates, LLC is a General Agent specializing in employee and individual benefits and services. We support brokers and their clients with business located in Maryland, the District of Columbia and Virginia.

Mission Statement Our mission is to provide best in class service and support to our brokers and our mutual clientele. How do we accomplish our mission? We are in the people business — and our mission is purpose-driven. We consistently strive to support, serve, and solve problems for our brokers while fostering long lasting and collaborative relationships built upon a foundation of dependability and trust. Our unwavering commitment extends to our associate team members by maintaining a motivating, purpose-driven culture dedicated to fostering collaboration, accountability and integrity.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Our Culture: At M.T. Donahoe, we believe empowered employees make the best contributors. We give our associates the tools they need to excel—they have the drive to provide exemplary personal service. We do not pay lip service to integrity—it is a core value.
  • Our Experience: With an average of 18 years industry experience (several with 20 or more), our associates are highly knowledgeable and have the tools, resources and relationships to get the job done.
  • Our ACA Expertise: The complexity and continuous change generated by the Affordable Care Act requires insight, perspective and sound judgment. We guide our brokers through the fog of the ACA, providing context to help them achieve their goals.
  • Our Communications: We use many forms of communication, from email alerts to webinars—we filter through the noise and focus on mission critical information only. While we take advantage of all current and future technologies, the hallmark of our service is and always will be the one on one and face to face conversations with brokers about the myriad of urgent and complicated client issues that arise.
  • Our Performance: Our deep knowledge and drive for results enables us to resolve complicated carrier related issues in the most direct manner. We don’t dance around the issue—we are our brokers’ advocate, and we have the high level contacts required for timely resolution.

Our Core Services
Regulatory and Compliance Support
ACA Planning and Strategies
Cost/Benefit Analysis and Quoting Support
Sales and Services Support
Product Training and Education
Claims and Billing Advocacy


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