Broker FAQs

Group Quoting DepartmentWho do I contact for a small or large group health insurance quote?Can I get online access to run my own small group quotes?
Group New Business DepartmentHow do I get group enrollment materials?Who do I contact regarding new group business submissionsHow do I purchase COBRA/FSA/POP for my client?
Group Renewal DepartmentHow do I get my client quotes from alternative carriers at renewal?How do I see alternative plans with my client’s current carrier at renewal?
Enrollment Department (CareFirst Connect and HUB)If an employee is enrolling in a BlueChoice plan, must he/she complete a separate application to enroll in non-parallel dental or vision?Do COBRA benefits automatically terminate after 18 months?How much time do I have to submit an enrollment application or termination request?May I send enrollment forms or termination requests directly to CareFirst for processing?How long does it take for entries entered into CareFirst Connect to be reflected in the main CareFirst database?How long does it take for entries made in the HUB to be reflected in the main CareFirst database?Who should a group contact if the group is processing its own enrollments and terminations and having problems with the CareFirst Connect system?Who should a group contact if the group is processing its own enrollments and terminations, but having problems with the HUB?Who can I contact with additional CareFirst Connect or HUB Enrollment questions?
Individual New Business DepartmentWhere can I find a list of qualifying events (QE) for individual health insurance?How do I get a quote for individual health insurance?How do I get individual enrollment materials?
Commissions/Accounting DepartmentWhen are commissions sent?Do you offer direct deposit?How will I receive a commission statement?When can I expect to be paid for a new piece of business?Where can I find out how much commission I will earn from a case?How do I change my bank information for the direct deposit?
Appointments, Contracting & Licensing DepartmentWho do I contact regarding broker of record (BOR) changes and block transfers?How do I become appointed with the carriers you work with?Where do I send my renewed E&O or license(s)?How do I update MTDA with my new address, phone number and/or email address?How do I submit and process my company name change?Our agency was acquired by another agency. How do we reassign our commissions and accounts to the new agency?

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