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MTDonahoe 08/15/2019DC Health Link - REMINDER: Take Action Before 2020 Health Insurance Premiums Are Finalized 
Kaiser 08/15/2019NEW! Medicare Advantage Broker Sales 
CareFirst 08/14/20192019 Group Contract Applications Reminder 
CareFirst 08/14/2019CareFirst Video Visit Marketing Campaign 
CareFirst 08/14/2019Medication Prior Authorization Updates 
CareFirst 08/14/2019VA Coverage for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder - Effective January 1, 2020 
CareFirst 08/14/2019New Process for On-Exchange Voluntary Terminations 
CareFirst 08/14/2019Whole Health Bundling Discount Launch 
CareFirst 08/14/2019VA Expedited Review of Adverse Coverage Determinations for Cancer – Effective Immediately  
Kaiser 08/12/2019New Small Group Fall Bonus! 
MTDonahoe 08/08/2019CBIZ Benefit Beat August 2019: Preventive Care Services Expanded for HSA Participants, Beware the Laws Impacting Wellness Programs, Individual Health Insurance Mandated in California and Rhode Island, Updated Medicaid/CHIP Premium Assistance Notice, EEO-1 Report Update: Component 2 Data Reporting Requirement, Paid Medical and Family Leave Updates in California, Connecticut and Oregon, Nevada: "Leave for any Purpose" Program, and Paid Sick Leave Updates: Pittsburgh, San Antonio and Dallas* 
MTDonahoe 08/05/2019CareFirst Individual Dental Broker Webinar 
MTDonahoe 08/05/2019Kaiser 51+ Broker Webinar 
CareFirst 08/01/2019Blue Cross Blue Shield National Medicare Awareness Campaign 
Anthem 08/01/2019Great News! Anthem Balanced Funding Bonus! 
Kaiser 08/01/2019Members Have Another Option for Care Away From Home 
CareFirst 08/01/2019Implementation of My Account Security Feature Delayed 
CareFirst 08/01/2019Virginia Revises Definition of Small Employer - Effective July 1 
CareFirst 08/01/2019Correction: 2020 Health Savings Account and Compliant Health Plan Limits 
Kaiser 08/01/2019HMO Plus Insert 

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