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Life and Disability Insurance

The Issue: Your clients need coverage to protect them in the event of an accident or tragedy.

The Solution: Mutual of Omaha provides life and disability insurance. 10 or more employees are needed to quote.

The world is much more financially complicated than it used to be. From credit-default swaps to Alt-A mortgages, from toxic assets to TARP bailouts; we are all confronted with a complex and fast-changing financial landscape.

In today's environment, you need more information than ever about the companies you do business with. How strong are they? Will they be there to pay promised benefits?

With more than a century in business, you can count on Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company for the strength, stability and security that's even more important in these complicated times.

What's in it for your clients?
  • Employee retention
  • Fill gaps in coverage
  • No cost to the employer

What's in it for you?

  • Supplemental income
  • Local sales and service support

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