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DCMBronze 19929KP DC Bronze 5750/30/20%/HSA/Dental (SIG) POS94506DC0350014 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
DCMBronze 19926KP DC Bronze 6150/50/Dental (SIG) POS94506DC0350012 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
DCMBronze 19934KP DC Bronze 6150/50/POS/Dental (SIG) POS94506DC0360001 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
DCMBronze 19925KP DC Bronze 6550/0%/HSA/Dental (SIG) POS94506DC0350015 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
DCMGold 19910KP DC Gold 0/20/Dental (SEL) POS94506DC0350018 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
DCMGold 19909KP DC Gold 0/20/Dental (SIG) POS94506DC0350004 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
DCMGold 19916KP DC Gold 1000/20/Dental (SEL) POS94506DC0350019 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
DCMGold 19915KP DC Gold 1000/20/Dental (SIG) POS94506DC0350005 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
DCMGold 19927KP DC Gold 1000/20/POS/Dental (SIG) POS94506DC0360003 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
DCMGold 19918KP DC Gold 1500/20/Dental (SEL) POS94506DC0350028 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
DCMGold 19917KP DC Gold 1500/20/Dental (SIG) POS94506DC0350025 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
DCMGold 19924KP DC Gold 1700/0%/HSA/Dental (SEL) POS94506DC0350020 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
DCMGold 19923KP DC Gold 1700/0%/HSA/Dental (SIG) POS94506DC0350006 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
DCMGold 19914KP DC Gold 500/20/Dental (SEL) POS94506DC0350022 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
DCMGold 19913KP DC Gold 500/20/Dental (SIG) POS94506DC0350021 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
DCMGold 19932KP DC Gold DHMO Plus 1500/20/Dental (SIG) POS94506DC0350026 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
DCMGold 19931KP DC Gold HMO Plus 0/20/Dental (SIG) POS94506DC0350024 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
DCMPlatinum 19908KP DC Platinum 0/10/Dental (SEL) POS94506DC0350016 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
DCMPlatinum 19907KP DC Platinum 0/10/Dental (SIG) POS94506DC0350001 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
DCMPlatinum 19912KP DC Platinum 500/10/Dental (SEL) POS94506DC0350017 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
DCMPlatinum 19911KP DC Platinum 500/10/Dental (SIG) POS94506DC0350002 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
DCMPlatinum 19930KP DC Platinum HMO Plus 0/10/Dental (SIG) POS94506DC0350023 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
DCMSilver 19921KP DC Silver 2000/30/0%/HSA/Dental (SIG) POS94506DC0350010 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
DCMSilver 19919KP DC Silver 2000/40/Dental (SIG) POS94506DC0350008 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
DCMSilver 19922KP DC Silver 2500/30/0%/HSA/Dental (SIG) POS94506DC0350011 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
DCMSilver 19920KP DC Silver 2500/40/Dental (SIG) POS94506DC0350009 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
DCMSilver 19928KP DC Silver 2500/40/POS/Dental (SIG) POS94506DC0360002 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
DCMSilver 19933KP DC Silver DHMO Plus 2000/40/Dental (SIG) POS94506DC0350027 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMBronze 19882KP MD Bronze 5750/30/20%/HSA/Dental (SEL) POS90296MD0590028 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMBronze 19881KP MD Bronze 5750/30/20%/HSA/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0590014 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMBronze 19876KP MD Bronze 5750/30/20%/HSA/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0570014 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMBronze 19885KP MD Bronze 6150/50/Dental (SEL) POS90296MD0590026 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMBronze 19883KP MD Bronze 6150/50/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0570012 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMBronze 19884KP MD Bronze 6150/50/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0590012 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMBronze 19898KP MD Bronze 6150/50/POS/Dental (SEL) POS90296MD0600004 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMBronze 19896KP MD Bronze 6150/50/POS/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0580001 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMBronze 19897KP MD Bronze 6150/50/POS/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0600003 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMBronze 19867KP MD Bronze 6650/0%/HSA/Dental (SEL) POS90296MD0590027 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMBronze 19863KP MD Bronze 6650/0%/HSA/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0570013 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMBronze 19866KP MD Bronze 6650/0%/HSA/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0590013 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMGold 19899KP MD Gold 0/20/3TPOS/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0600008 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMGold 19859KP MD Gold 0/20/Dental (SEL) POS90296MD0590018 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMGold 19856KP MD Gold 0/20/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0570004 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMGold 19858KP MD Gold 0/20/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0590004 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMGold 19900KP MD Gold 1000/20/3TPOS/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0600007 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMGold 19861KP MD Gold 1000/20/Dental (SEL) POS90296MD0590019 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMGold 19860KP MD Gold 1000/20/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0590005 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMGold 19857KP MD Gold 1000/20/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0570005 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMGold 19893KP MD Gold 1000/20/POS/Dental (SEL) POS90296MD0600005 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMGold 19892KP MD Gold 1000/20/POS/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0600001 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMGold 19901KP MD Gold 1400/0%/HDHP/3TPOS/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0600011 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMGold 19865KP MD Gold 1400/0%/HSA/Dental (SEL) POS90296MD0590020 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMGold 19864KP MD Gold 1400/0%/HSA/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0590006 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMGold 19862KP MD Gold 1400/0%/HSA/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0570006 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMGold 19902KP MD Gold 1400A/0%/HSA/3TPOS/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0600012 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMGold 19889KP MD Gold 1500/20/Dental (SEL) POS90296MD0590036 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMGold 19888KP MD Gold 1500/20/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0590035 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMGold 19887KP MD Gold 500/20/Dental (SEL) POS90296MD0590030 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMGold 19886KP MD Gold 500/20/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0590029 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMGold 19905KP MD Gold DHMO Plus 1500/20/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0590037 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMGold 19904KP MD Gold HMO Plus 0/20/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0590034 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMPlatinum 19853KP MD Platinum 0/10/Dental (SEL) POS90296MD0590015 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMPlatinum 19850KP MD Platinum 0/10/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0570001 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMPlatinum 19852KP MD Platinum 0/10/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0590001 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMPlatinum 19855KP MD Platinum 500/20/Dental (SEL) POS90296MD0590016 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMPlatinum 19851KP MD Platinum 500/20/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0570002 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMPlatinum 19854KP MD Platinum 500/20/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0590002 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMPlatinum 19903KP MD Platinum HMO Plus 0/10/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0590033 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMSilver 19878KP MD Silver 2000/30/HSA/Dental (SEL) POS90296MD0590024 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMSilver 19877KP MD Silver 2000/30/HSA/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0590010 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMSilver 19874KP MD Silver 2000/30/HSA/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0570010 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMSilver 19870KP MD Silver 2300/40/Dental (SEL) POS90296MD0590022 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMSilver 19868KP MD Silver 2300/40/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0570008 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMSilver 19869KP MD Silver 2300/40/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0590008 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMSilver 19873KP MD Silver 2500/40/Dental (SEL) POS90296MD0590023 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMSilver 19871KP MD Silver 2500/40/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0570009 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMSilver 19872KP MD Silver 2500/40/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0590009 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMSilver 19895KP MD Silver 2500/40/POS/Dental (SEL) POS90296MD0600006 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMSilver 19894KP MD Silver 2500/40/POS/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0600002 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMSilver 19880KP MD Silver 3000/30/HSA/Dental (SEL) POS90296MD0590025 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMSilver 19875KP MD Silver 3000/30/HSA/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0570011 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMSilver 19879KP MD Silver 3000/30/HSA/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0590011 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMSilver 19891KP MD Silver 4000/30/HSA/Dental (SEL) POS90296MD0590032 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMSilver 19890KP MD Silver 4000/30/HSA/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0590031 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
MDMSilver 19906KP MD Silver DHMO Plus 2300/40/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0590038 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMBronze 19973KP VA Bronze 5750/30/20%/HSA/Dental (SEL) POS95185VA0510028 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMBronze 19971KP VA Bronze 5750/30/20%/HSA/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0500014 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMBronze 19972KP VA Bronze 5750/30/20%/HSA/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0510014 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMBronze 19970KP VA Bronze 6000/50/Dental (SEL) POS95185VA0510026 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMBronze 19968KP VA Bronze 6000/50/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0500012 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMBronze 19969KP VA Bronze 6000/50/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0510012 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMBronze 19976KP VA Bronze 6650/0%/HSA/Dental (SEL) POS95185VA0510027 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMBronze 19974KP VA Bronze 6650/0%/HSA/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0500013 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMBronze 19975KP VA Bronze 6650/0%/HSA/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0510013 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMBronze 19983KP VA Bronze DHMO Plus 6000/50/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0510039 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMGold 19945KP VA Gold 0/20/Dental (SEL) POS95185VA0510018 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMGold 19944KP VA Gold 0/20/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0510004 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMGold 19941KP VA Gold 0/20/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0500004 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMGold 19985KP VA Gold 0/20/POS/Dental (SEL) POS95185VA0520004 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMGold 19984KP VA Gold 0/20/POS/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0520001 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMGold 19949KP VA Gold 1000/20/Dental (SEL) POS95185VA0510019 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMGold 19943KP VA Gold 1000/20/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0500005 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMGold 19948KP VA Gold 1000/20/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0510005 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMGold 19987KP VA Gold 1000/20/POS/Dental (SEL) POS95185VA0520005 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMGold 19986KP VA Gold 1000/20/POS/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0520002 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMGold 19991KP VA Gold 1000/30/3TPOS/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0520007 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMGold 19959KP VA Gold 1400/0%/HSA/Dental (SEL) POS95185VA0510020 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMGold 19956KP VA Gold 1400/0%/HSA/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0500006 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMGold 19958KP VA Gold 1400/0%/HSA/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0510006 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMGold 19978KP VA Gold 1500/20/Dental (SEL) POS95185VA0510036 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMGold 19977KP VA Gold 1500/20/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0510035 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMGold 19990KP VA Gold 500/20/3TPOS/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0520008 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMGold 19947KP VA Gold 500/20/Dental (SEL) POS95185VA0510030 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMGold 19946KP VA Gold 500/20/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0510029 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMGold 19942KP VA Gold 500/20/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0500015 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMGold 19981KP VA Gold DHMO Plus 1500/20/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0510037 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMGold 19980KP VA Gold HMO Plus 0/20/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0510034 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMPlatinum 19938KP VA Platinum 0/15/Dental (SEL) POS95185VA0510015 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMPlatinum 19937KP VA Platinum 0/15/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0510001 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMPlatinum 19935KP VA Platinum 0/15/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0500001 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMPlatinum 19940KP VA Platinum 500/20/Dental (SEL) POS95185VA0510016 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMPlatinum 19936KP VA Platinum 500/20/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0500002 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMPlatinum 19939KP VA Platinum 500/20/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0510002 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMPlatinum 19979KP VA Platinum HMO Plus 0/15/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0510033 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMSilver 19965KP VA Silver 2000/30/HSA/Dental (SEL) POS95185VA0510024 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMSilver 19964KP VA Silver 2000/30/HSA/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0510010 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMSilver 19962KP VA Silver 2000/30/HSA/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0500010 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMSilver 19952KP VA Silver 2000/40/Dental (SEL) POS95185VA0510022 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMSilver 19950KP VA Silver 2000/40/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0500008 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMSilver 19951KP VA Silver 2000/40/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0510008 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMSilver 19955KP VA Silver 2750/30/Dental (SEL) POS95185VA0510023 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMSilver 19953KP VA Silver 2750/30/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0500009 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMSilver 19954KP VA Silver 2750/30/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0510009 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMSilver 19989KP VA Silver 2750/30/POS/Dental (SEL) POS95185VA0520006 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMSilver 19988KP VA Silver 2750/30/POS/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0520003 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMSilver 19967KP VA Silver 3000/30/HSA/Dental (SEL) POS95185VA0510025 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMSilver 19966KP VA Silver 3000/30/HSA/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0510011 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMSilver 19963KP VA Silver 3000/30/HSA/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0500011 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMSilver 19961KP VA Silver 4000/0%/HSA/Dental (SEL) POS95185VA0510032 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMSilver 19957KP VA Silver 4000/0%/HSA/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0500016 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMSilver 19960KP VA Silver 4000/0%/HSA/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0510031 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
VAMSilver 19982KP VA Silver DHMO Plus 2000/40/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0510038 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20203/31/2020
DCMBronze 19703KP DC Bronze 5600/50/Dental (SIG) HMO94506DC0350012 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
DCMBronze 19700KP DC Bronze 5600/50/POS/Dental (SIG) POS94506DC0360001 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
DCMBronze 19627KP DC Bronze 5750/30/20%/HSA/Dental (SIG) HMO94506DC0350014 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
DCMBronze 19621KP DC Bronze 6550/0%/HSA/Dental (SIG) HMO94506DC0350015 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
DCMGold 19609KP DC Gold 0/20/Dental (SEL) HMO94506DC0350018 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
DCMGold 19608KP DC Gold 0/20/Dental (SIG) HMO94506DC0350004 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
DCMGold 19613KP DC Gold 1000/20/Dental (SEL) HMO94506DC0350019 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
DCMGold 19612KP DC Gold 1000/20/Dental (SIG) HMO94506DC0350005 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
DCMGold 19624KP DC Gold 1000/20/POS/Dental (SIG) POS94506DC0360003 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
DCMGold 19708KP DC Gold 1500/20/Dental (SEL) HMO94506DC0350028 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
DCMGold 19707KP DC Gold 1500/20/Dental (SIG) HMO94506DC0350025 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
DCMGold 19702KP DC Gold 1700/0%/HSA/Dental (SEL) HMO94506DC0350020 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
DCMGold 19701KP DC Gold 1700/0%/HSA/Dental (SIG) HMO94506DC0350006 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
DCMGold 19611KP DC Gold 500/20/Dental (SEL) HMO94506DC0350022 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
DCMGold 19610KP DC Gold 500/20/Dental (SIG) HMO94506DC0350021 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
DCMGold 19709KP DC Gold DHMO Plus 1500/20/Dental (SIG) POS94506DC0350026 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
DCMGold 19712KP DC Gold HMO Plus 0/20/Dental (SIG) POS94506DC0350024 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
DCMPlatinum 19605KP DC Platinum 0/10/Dental (SEL) HMO94506DC0350016 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
DCMPlatinum 19604KP DC Platinum 0/10/Dental (SIG) HMO94506DC0350001 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
DCMPlatinum 19607KP DC Platinum 500/10/Dental (SEL) HMO94506DC0350017 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
DCMPlatinum 19606KP DC Platinum 500/10/Dental (SIG) HMO94506DC0350002 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
DCMPlatinum 19711KP DC Platinum HMO Plus 0/10/Dental (SIG) POS94506DC0350023 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
DCMSilver 19706KP DC Silver 2000/30/25%/HSA/Dental (SIG) HMO94506DC0350010 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
DCMSilver 19705KP DC Silver 2000/40/Dental (SIG) HMO94506DC0350008 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
DCMSilver 19617KP DC Silver 2500/30/0%/HSA/Dental (SIG) HMO94506DC0350011 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
DCMSilver 19615KP DC Silver 2500/40/Dental (SIG) HMO94506DC0350009 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
DCMSilver 19704KP DC Silver 2500/40/POS/Dental (SIG) POS94506DC0360002 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
DCMSilver 19710KP DC Silver DHMO Plus 2000/40/Dental (SIG) POS94506DC0350027 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
MDMBronze 19745KP MD Bronze 5600/50/Dental (SEL) HMO90296MD0590026 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
MDMBronze 19743KP MD Bronze 5600/50/Dental (SIG) HMO90296MD0570012 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
MDMBronze 19744KP MD Bronze 5600/50/Dental (SIG) HMO90296MD0590012 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
MDMBronze 19748KP MD Bronze 5600/50/POS/Dental (SEL) POS90296MD0600004 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
MDMBronze 19746KP MD Bronze 5600/50/POS/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0580001 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
MDMBronze 19747KP MD Bronze 5600/50/POS/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0600003 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
MDMBronze 19532KP MD Bronze 5750/30/20%/HSA/Dental (SEL) HMO90296MD0590028 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
MDMBronze 19530KP MD Bronze 5750/30/20%/HSA/Dental (SIG) HMO90296MD0570014 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
MDMBronze 19531KP MD Bronze 5750/30/20%/HSA/Dental (SIG) HMO90296MD0590014 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
MDMBronze 19754KP MD Bronze 6650/0%/HSA/Dental (SEL) HMO90296MD0590027 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
MDMBronze 19752KP MD Bronze 6650/0%/HSA/Dental (SIG) HMO90296MD0570013 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
MDMBronze 19753KP MD Bronze 6650/0%/HSA/Dental (SIG) HMO90296MD0590013 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
MDMGold 19549KP MD Gold 0/20/3TPOS/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0600008 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
MDMGold 19510KP MD Gold 0/20/Dental (SEL) HMO90296MD0590018 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
MDMGold 19506KP MD Gold 0/20/Dental (SIG) HMO90296MD0570004 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
MDMGold 19508KP MD Gold 0/20/Dental (SIG) HMO90296MD0590004 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
MDMGold 19550KP MD Gold 1000/20/3TPOS/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0600007 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
MDMGold 19751KP MD Gold 1000/20/Dental (SEL) HMO90296MD0590019 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
MDMGold 19749KP MD Gold 1000/20/Dental (SIG) HMO90296MD0570005 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
MDMGold 19750KP MD Gold 1000/20/Dental (SIG) HMO90296MD0590005 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
MDMGold 19742KP MD Gold 1000/20/POS/Dental (SEL) POS90296MD0600005 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
MDMGold 19741KP MD Gold 1000/20/POS/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0600001 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
MDMGold 19512KP MD Gold 1400/0%/HSA/ Dental (SIG) HMO90296MD0570006 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
MDMGold 19514KP MD Gold 1400/0%/HSA/Dental (SEL) HMO90296MD0590020 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
MDMGold 19513KP MD Gold 1400/0%/HSA/Dental (SIG) HMO90296MD0590006 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
MDMGold 19802KP MD Gold 1400A/0%/HSA/3TPOS/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0600010 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
MDMGold 19801KP MD Gold 1500/20/Dental (SEL) HMO90296MD0590036 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
MDMGold 19800KP MD Gold 1500/20/Dental (SIG) HMO90296MD0590035 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
MDMGold 19739KP MD Gold 500/20/Dental (SEL) HMO90296MD0590030 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
MDMGold 19738KP MD Gold 500/20/Dental (SIG) HMO90296MD0590029 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
MDMGold 19740KP MD Gold DHMO Plus 1500/20/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0590037 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
MDMGold 19636KP MD Gold HMO Plus 0/20/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0590034 OFF-SHOP Benefits 7/1/201812/31/2019
MDMPlatinum 19504KP MD Platinum 0/10/Dental (SEL) HMO90296MD0590015 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
MDMPlatinum 19500KP MD Platinum 0/10/Dental (SIG) HMO90296MD0570001 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
MDMPlatinum 19502KP MD Platinum 0/10/Dental (SIG) HMO90296MD0590001 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
MDMPlatinum 19505KP MD Platinum 500/20/Dental (SEL) HMO90296MD0590016 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
MDMPlatinum 19503KP MD Platinum 500/20/Dental (SIG) HMO90296MD0590002 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
MDMPlatinum 19501KP MD Platinum 500/20/Dental (SIG) HMO90296MD0570002 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
MDMPlatinum 19635KP MD Platinum HMO Plus 0/10/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0590033 OFF-SHOP Benefits 7/1/201812/31/2019
MDMSilver 19737KP MD Silver 2000/30/HSA/Dental (SEL) HMO90296MD0590024 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
MDMSilver 19735KP MD Silver 2000/30/HSA/Dental (SIG) HMO90296MD0570010 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
MDMSilver 19736KP MD Silver 2000/30/HSA/Dental (SIG) HMO90296MD0590010 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
MDMSilver 19734KP MD Silver 2000/40/Dental (SEL) HMO90296MD0590022 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
MDMSilver 19732KP MD Silver 2000/40/Dental (SIG) HMO90296MD0570008 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
MDMSilver 19733KP MD Silver 2000/40/Dental (SIG) HMO90296MD0590008 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
MDMSilver 19526KP MD Silver 2500/30/HSA/Dental (SEL) HMO90296MD0590025 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
MDMSilver 19522KP MD Silver 2500/30/HSA/Dental (SIG) HMO90296MD0570011 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
MDMSilver 19524KP MD Silver 2500/30/HSA/Dental (SIG) HMO90296MD0590011 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
MDMSilver 19520KP MD Silver 2500/40/Dental (SEL) HMO90296MD0590023 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
MDMSilver 19516KP MD Silver 2500/40/Dental (SIG) HMO90296MD0570009 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
MDMSilver 19518KP MD Silver 2500/40/Dental (SIG) HMO90296MD0590009 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
MDMSilver 19548KP MD Silver 2500/40/POS/Dental (SEL) POS90296MD0600006 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
MDMSilver 19546KP MD Silver 2500/40/POS/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0600002 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
MDMSilver 19544KP MD Silver 4000/30/HSA/HRA/Dental (SEL) HMO90296MD0590032 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
MDMSilver 19543KP MD Silver 4000/30/HSA/HRA/Dental (SIG) HMO90296MD0590031 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
MDMSilver 19731KP MD Silver DHMO Plus 2000/40/Dental (SIG) POS90296MD0590038 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
VAMBronze 19730KP VA Bronze 5600/50/Dental (SEL) HMO95185VA0510026 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
VAMBronze 19728KP VA Bronze 5600/50/Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0500012 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
VAMBronze 19729KP VA Bronze 5600/50/Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0510012 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
VAMBronze 19593KP VA Bronze 5750/30/20%/HSA/Dental (SEL) HMO95185VA0510028 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMBronze 19591KP VA Bronze 5750/30/20%/HSA/Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0500014 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMBronze 19592KP VA Bronze 5750/30/20%/HSA/Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0510014 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMBronze 19727KP VA Bronze 6650/0%/ HSA/Dental (SEL) HMO95185VA0510027 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
VAMBronze 19725KP VA Bronze 6650/0%/ HSA/Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0500013 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
VAMBronze 19726KP VA Bronze 6650/0%/ HSA/Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0510013 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
VAMGold 19562KP VA Gold 0/20/Dental (SEL) HMO95185VA0510018 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMGold 19560KP VA Gold 0/20/Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0510004 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMGold 19558KP VA Gold 0/20/Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0500004 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMGold 19598KP VA Gold 0/20/POS/Dental (SEL) POS95185VA0520004 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMGold 19596KP VA Gold 0/20/POS/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0520001 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMGold 19603KP VA Gold 1000/20/3TPOS/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0520007 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMGold 19568KP VA Gold 1000/20/Dental (SEL) HMO95185VA0510019 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMGold 19564KP VA Gold 1000/20/Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0500005 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMGold 19566KP VA Gold 1000/20/Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0510005 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMGold 19599KP VA Gold 1000/20/POS/Dental (SEL) POS95185VA0520005 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMGold 19597KP VA Gold 1000/20/POS/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0520002 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMGold 19582KP VA Gold 1400/0%/HSA/ Dental (SEL) HMO95185VA0510020 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMGold 19579KP VA Gold 1400/0%/HSA/ Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0510006 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMGold 19576KP VA Gold 1400/0%/HSA/ Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0500006 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMGold 19595KP VA Gold 1500/20/Dental (SEL) HMO95185VA0510036 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMGold 19594KP VA Gold 1500/20/Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0510035 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMGold 19602KP VA Gold 500/20/3TPOS/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0520008 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMGold 19563KP VA Gold 500/20/Dental (SEL) HMO95185VA0510030 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMGold 19561KP VA Gold 500/20/Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0510029 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMGold 19559KP VA Gold 500/20/Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0500015 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMGold 19633KP VA Gold DHMO Plus1500/20/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0510037 OFF-SHOP Benefits 7/1/201812/31/2019
VAMGold 19632KP VA Gold HMO Plus 0/20/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0510034 OFF-SHOP Benefits 7/1/201812/31/2019
VAMPlatinum 19556KP VA Platinum 0/15/Dental (SEL) HMO95185VA0510015 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMPlatinum 19554KP VA Platinum 0/15/Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0510001 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMPlatinum 19552KP VA Platinum 0/15/Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0500001 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMPlatinum 19557KP VA Platinum 500/20/Dental (SEL) HMO95185VA0510016 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMPlatinum 19555KP VA Platinum 500/20/Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0510002 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMPlatinum 19553KP VA Platinum 500/20/Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0500002 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMPlatinum 19631KP VA Platinum HMO Plus 0/15/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0510033 OFF-SHOP Benefits 7/1/201812/31/2019
VAMSilver 19721KP VA Silver 1600/40/Dental (SEL) HMO95185VA0510022 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
VAMSilver 19719KP VA Silver 1600/40/Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0500008 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
VAMSilver 19720KP VA Silver 1600/40/Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0510008 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
VAMSilver 19724KP VA Silver 2000/30/HSA/Dental (SEL) HMO95185VA0510024 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
VAMSilver 19722KP VA Silver 2000/30/HSA/Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0500010 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
VAMSilver 19723KP VA Silver 2000/30/HSA/Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0510010 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
VAMSilver 19590KP VA Silver 2500/30/HSA/Dental (SEL) HMO95185VA0510025 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMSilver 19586KP VA Silver 2500/30/HSA/Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0500011 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMSilver 19588KP VA Silver 2500/30/HSA/Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0510011 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMSilver 19718KP VA Silver 2750/30/Dental (SEL) HMO95185VA0510023 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
VAMSilver 19716KP VA Silver 2750/30/Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0500009 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
VAMSilver 19717KP VA Silver 2750/30/Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0510009 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
VAMSilver 19715KP VA Silver 2750/30/POS/Dental (SEL) POS95185VA0520006 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
VAMSilver 19714KP VA Silver 2750/30/POS/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0520003 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
VAMSilver 19583KP VA Silver 4000/0%/HSA/Dental (SEL) HMO95185VA0510032 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMSilver 19580KP VA Silver 4000/0%/HSA/Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0510031 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMSilver 19577KP VA Silver 4000/0%/HSA/Dental (SIG) HMO95185VA0500016 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201812/31/2019
VAMSilver 19713KP VA Silver DHMO Plus 1600/40/Dental (SIG) POS95185VA0510038 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201912/31/2019
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