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AreaflavMetalPNDescriptionProductCPIDSHOP Click For StartEnd
VADNone 22005Classic Complete VA-2AD/25SD (No Ortho) DEN25SD NA Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VADNone 22003Classic Complete VA-2AF/25SF (No Ortho) DEN25SF NA Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VADNone 22006Classic Complete VA-2AH/25SH (With Ortho) DEN25SH NA Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VADNone 22004Classic Complete VA-2AK/25SK (With Ortho) DEN25SK NA Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VADNone 22001Classic Complete VA-2D/1R9C (No Ortho) DEN1R9C NA Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VADNone 22002Classic Complete VA-2E/1R9D (No Ortho) DEN1R9D NA Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VADNone 22000Classic Complete VA-2H/1R9G (With Ortho) DEN1R9G NA Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VADNone 22007Classic Complete VA-2P/1R9N (No Ortho) DEN1R9N NA Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VADNone 22010Classic Complete VA-2Q/1R9P (No Ortho) DEN1R9P NA Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VADNone 22009Classic Complete VA-2T/1R9S (No Ortho) DEN1R9S NA Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VADNone 22012Classic Complete VA-2U/1R9T (No Ortho) DEN1R9T NA Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VADNone 22008Classic Complete VA-2V/1R9U (With Ortho) DEN1R9U NA Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VADNone 22011Classic Complete VA-2W/1R9V (With Ortho) DEN1R9V NA Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VADNone 22014Enhanced Complete VA-3S/25RU (No Ortho) DEN25RU NA Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VADNone 22013Enhanced Complete VA-3T/25RV (With Ortho) DEN25RV NA Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VADNone 22015Value Complete VA-1A/1RA5 (No Ortho) DEN1RA5 NA Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VADNone 22016Value Complete VA-1B/1RA6 (No Ortho) DEN1RA6 NA Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VADNone 22017Value Complete VA-1C/1RA7 (No Ortho) DEN1RA7 NA Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VADNone 22018Voluntary Complete VA-4D/1RAB (No Ortho) DEN1RAB NA Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VADNone 22019Voluntary Complete VA-4F/268H (No Ortho) DEN268H NA Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VADNone 22020Voluntary Complete VA-4L/268N (With Ortho) DEN268N NA Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VADNone 22021Voluntary Complete VA-4P/268R (No Ortho) DEN268R NA Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VADNone 22022Voluntary Complete VA-4U/268W (With Ortho) DEN268W NA Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VAVNone 22500Anthem Blue View Vision Plan A1 VISORHR N/A Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VAVNone 22505Anthem Blue View Vision Plan A1 (Vol) VISORHD N/A        Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VAVNone 22501Anthem Blue View Vision Plan A3 VISOUJ9 N/A Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VAVNone 22506Anthem Blue View Vision Plan A3 (Vol) VISOUJ8 N/A        Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VAVNone 22502Anthem Blue View Vision Plan A4 VISORHS N/A        Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VAVNone 22507Anthem Blue View Vision Plan A4 (Vol) VISORHE N/A        Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VAVNone 22503Anthem Blue View Vision Plan MO1 VISOU28 N/A        Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VAVNone 22508Anthem Blue View Vision Plan MO1 (Vol) VISOU2K N/A        Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VAVNone 22504Anthem Blue View Vision Plan MO2 VISOU29 N/A        Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VAVNone 22509Anthem Blue View Vision Plan MO2 (Vol) VISOU2L N/A        Benefits 4/1/201712/31/2017
VAMBronze 18149Anthem Bronze PPO 6550E/0%/6550 w/HSA (CY) PPO204M OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMBronze 18202Anthem Bronze PPO 6550E/0%/6550 w/HSA (PY) PPO204P OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMBronze 18151Anthem HealthKeepers Bronze OAPOS 6550E/0%/6550 w/HSA (CY) POS204H OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMBronze 18204Anthem HealthKeepers Bronze OAPOS 6550E/0%/6550 w/HSA (PY) POS204K OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMBronze 18150Anthem HealthKeepers Bronze POS 5000E/40%/6550 w/HSA (CY) POS218N OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMBronze 18203Anthem HealthKeepers Bronze POS 5000E/40%/6550 w/HSA (PY) POS218Q OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMBronze 18148Anthem HealthKeepers Bronze POS 5900/0%/6850 Plus (CY) POS217P OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMBronze 18201Anthem HealthKeepers Bronze POS 5900/0%/6850 Plus (PY) POS217Q OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMBronze 18152Anthem HealthKeepers Bronze POS 6250E/0%/6550 Plus w/HSA (CY) POS218L OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMBronze 18205Anthem HealthKeepers Bronze POS 6250E/0%/6550 Plus w/HSA (PY) POS218K OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18111Anthem Gold PPO 1000/20%/3000 (CY) PPO219C OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18164Anthem Gold PPO 1000/20%/3000 (PY) PPO2199 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18112Anthem Gold PPO 1000/20%/4000 (CY) PPO200Q OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18165Anthem Gold PPO 1000/20%/4000 (PY) PPO200N OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18113Anthem Gold PPO 1500/20%/4000 (CY) PPO201T OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18166Anthem Gold PPO 1500/20%/4000 (PY) PPO201R OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18114Anthem Gold PPO 1500/30%/4250 (CY) PPO2027 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18167Anthem Gold PPO 1500/30%/4250 (PY) PPO2025 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18129Anthem Gold PPO 2000/0%/2000 (CY) PPO219K OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18182Anthem Gold PPO 2000/0%/2000 (PY) PPO219J OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18115Anthem Gold PPO 2000/20%/3500 (CY) PPO202L OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18168Anthem Gold PPO 2000/20%/3500 (PY) PPO202J OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18106Anthem Gold PPO 25/20%/4500 (CY) PPO203W OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18159Anthem Gold PPO 25/20%/4500 (PY) PPO203Y OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18107Anthem Gold PPO 30/30%/5500 (CY) PPO218U OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18160Anthem Gold PPO 30/30%/5500 (PY) PPO218T OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18108Anthem Gold PPO 500/20%/5000 (CY) PPO200Z OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18161Anthem Gold PPO 500/20%/5000 (PY) PPO200X OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18109Anthem Gold PPO 500/30%/5000 (CY) PPO2022 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18162Anthem Gold PPO 500/30%/5000 (PY) PPO2024 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18110Anthem Gold PPO 750/20%/4000 (CY) PPO21AE OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18163Anthem Gold PPO 750/20%/4000 (PY) PPO21AC OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18122Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 1000/20%/3000 (CY) POS219E OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18175Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 1000/20%/3000 (PY) POS219G OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18124Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 1000/20%/4000 (CY) POS200U OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18177Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 1000/20%/4000 (PY) POS200T OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18125Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 1500/20%/4000 (CY) POS201Q OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18178Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 1500/20%/4000 (PY) POS201N OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18126Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 1500/30%/4250 (CY) POS202C OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18179Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 1500/30%/4250 (PY) POS2029 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18130Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 2000/0%/2000 (CY) POS219P OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18183Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 2000/0%/2000 (PY) POS219N OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18128Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 2000/20%/3500 (CY) POS202G OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18181Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 2000/20%/3500 (PY) POS202E OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18116Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 25/20%/4500 (CY) POS2041 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18169Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 25/20%/4500 (PY) POS2046 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18117Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 30/30%/5500 (CY) POS218Z OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18170Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 30/30%/5500 (PY) POS218X OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18118Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 500/20%/5000 (CY) POS2013 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18171Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 500/20%/5000 (PY) POS2012 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18119Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 500/30%/5000 (CY) POS201Y OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18172Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 500/30%/5000 (PY) POS2020 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18120Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 750/20%/4000 (CY) POS21AA OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18173Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 750/20%/4000 (PY) POS21A7 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18121Anthem HealthKeepers Gold POS 1000/0%/5000 (CY) POS21AS OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18174Anthem HealthKeepers Gold POS 1000/0%/5000 (PY) POS21AU OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18123Anthem HealthKeepers Gold POS 1000/20%/3000 Plus (CY) POS217Y OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18176Anthem HealthKeepers Gold POS 1000/20%/3000 Plus (PY) POS217W OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18127Anthem HealthKeepers Gold POS 2000/0%/4000 (CY) POS2049 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMGold 18180Anthem HealthKeepers Gold POS 2000/0%/4000 (PY) POS204B OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMPlatinum 18104Anthem HealthKeepers Platinum OAPOS 10/0%/3000 (CY) POS2193 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMPlatinum 18157Anthem HealthKeepers Platinum OAPOS 10/0%/3000 (PY) POS2192 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMPlatinum 18103Anthem HealthKeepers Platinum OAPOS 10/0%/3500 (CY) POS21AG OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMPlatinum 18156Anthem HealthKeepers Platinum OAPOS 10/0%/3500 (PY) POS21AJ OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMPlatinum 18105Anthem HealthKeepers Platinum OAPOS 20/0%/3000 (CY) POS202Q OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMPlatinum 18158Anthem HealthKeepers Platinum OAPOS 20/0%/3000 (PY) POS202S OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMPlatinum 18101Anthem Platinum PPO 10/0%/3000 (CY) PPO2197 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMPlatinum 18154Anthem Platinum PPO 10/0%/3000 (PY) PPO2196 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMPlatinum 18100Anthem Platinum PPO 10/0%/3500 (CY) PPO21AL OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMPlatinum 18153Anthem Platinum PPO 10/0%/3500 (PY) PPO21AN OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMPlatinum 18102Anthem Platinum PPO 20/0%/3000 (CY) PPO202U OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMPlatinum 18155Anthem Platinum PPO 20/0%/3000 (PY) PPO202W OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18135Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 2000/50%/7150 (CY) POS201G OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18188Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 2000/50%/7150 (PY) POS201D OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18144Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 2700E/20%/4500 w/HSA (CY) POS2032 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18197Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 2700E/20%/4500 w/HSA (PY) POS2034 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18145Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 2700E/30%/4750 w/HSA (CY) POS2036 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18198Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 2700E/30%/4750 w/HSA (PY) POS2038 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18146Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 3500/0%/6550 w/HSA (CY) POS21A5 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18199Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 3500/0%/6550 w/HSA (PY) POS21A4 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18139Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 4000/20%/6850 (CY) POS201B OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18192Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 4000/20%/6850 (PY) POS201A OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18147Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 4000E/0%/4000 w/HSA (CY) POS219S OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18200Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 4000E/0%/4000 w/HSA (PY) POS219U OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18211Anthem HealthKeepers Silver Pathway X POS 2000/30%/6750 Plus (CY) POS217Z ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18133Anthem HealthKeepers Silver POS 1500/35%/5500 Plus (CY) POS2186 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18186Anthem HealthKeepers Silver POS 1500/35%/5500 Plus (PY) POS218A OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18136Anthem HealthKeepers Silver POS 2500/30%/5000 Plus (CY) POS2183 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18189Anthem HealthKeepers Silver POS 2500/30%/5000 Plus (PY) POS2182 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18138Anthem HealthKeepers Silver POS 3000/20%/5000 Plus (CY) POS218D OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18191Anthem HealthKeepers Silver POS 3000/20%/5000 Plus (PY) POS218F OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18134Anthem HealthKeepers Silver POS 3000E/0%/5000 (CY) POS200K OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18187Anthem HealthKeepers Silver POS 3000E/0%/5000 (PY) POS200M OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18137Anthem HealthKeepers Silver POS 3500/0%/7000 (CY) POS200D OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18190Anthem HealthKeepers Silver POS 3500/0%/7000 (PY) POS200F OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18131Anthem Silver PPO 2000/50%/7150 (CY) PPO201L OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18184Anthem Silver PPO 2000/50%/7150 (PY) PPO201H OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18140Anthem Silver PPO 2700E/20%/4500 w/HSA (CY) PPO202Y OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18193Anthem Silver PPO 2700E/20%/4500 w/HSA (PY) PPO2030 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18141Anthem Silver PPO 2700E/30%/4750 w/HSA (CY) PPO203A OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18194Anthem Silver PPO 2700E/30%/4750 w/HSA (PY) PPO203C OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18142Anthem Silver PPO 3500/0%/6550 w/HSA (CY) PPO21A0 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18195Anthem Silver PPO 3500/0%/6550 w/HSA (PY) PPO21A2 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18132Anthem Silver PPO 4000/20%/6850 (CY) PPO2018 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18185Anthem Silver PPO 4000/20%/6850 (PY) PPO2015 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18143Anthem Silver PPO 4000E/0%/4000 w/HSA (CY) PPO219W OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMSilver 18196Anthem Silver PPO 4000E/0%/4000 w/HSA (PY) PPO219Y OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/20179/30/2017
VAMBronze 17143Anthem Bronze PPO 6000E/0%/6000 w/HSA (CY) PPO1N7T OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMBronze 17142Anthem Bronze PPO 6000E/0%/6000 w/HSA (PY) PPO1N6L OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMBronze 17145Anthem HealthKeepers Bronze OAPOS 6000E/0%/6000 w/HSA (CY) POS1NA7 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMBronze 17144Anthem HealthKeepers Bronze OAPOS 6000E/0%/6000 w/HSA (PY) POS1N5T OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMBronze 17006Anthem HealthKeepers Bronze Pathway X POS 5000E/20%/6550 Plus w/HSA (CY) POS1P66 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMBronze 17007Anthem HealthKeepers Bronze Pathway X POS 6000E/0%/6000 Plus w/HSA (CY) POS2062 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMBronze 17147Anthem HealthKeepers Bronze POS 4250E/30%/6550 Plus w/HSA (CY) POS205T OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMBronze 17146Anthem HealthKeepers Bronze POS 4250E/30%/6550 Plus w/HSA (PY) POS1ZDY OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMBronze 17149Anthem HealthKeepers Bronze POS 4500E/40%/6550 Plus w/HSA (CY) POS205V OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMBronze 17148Anthem HealthKeepers Bronze POS 4500E/40%/6550 Plus w/HSA (PY) POS2061 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMBronze 17151Anthem HealthKeepers Bronze POS 4750E/20%/6550 Plus w/HSA (CY) POS1ZEJ OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMBronze 17150Anthem HealthKeepers Bronze POS 4750E/20%/6550 Plus w/HSA (PY) POS1ZE1 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMBronze 17152Anthem HealthKeepers Bronze POS 5900/0%/6850 Plus (CY) POS1ZE4 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMBronze 17153Anthem HealthKeepers Bronze POS 5900/0%/6850 Plus (PY) POS1ZE5 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMBronze 17155Anthem HealthKeepers Bronze POS 6300E/0%/6300 Plus w/HSA (CY) POS1ZEN OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMBronze 17154Anthem HealthKeepers Bronze POS 6300E/0%/6300 Plus w/HSA (PY) POS1ZDW OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17021Anthem Gold PPO 1000/20%/3000 (EPHC) (CY) PPO1ND6 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17020Anthem Gold PPO 1000/20%/3000 (EPHC) (PY) PPO1NA9 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17023Anthem Gold PPO 1000/20%/3500 (CY) PPO1N85 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17022Anthem Gold PPO 1000/20%/3500 (PY) PPO1N6G OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17025Anthem Gold PPO 1000/30%/2500 (CY) PPO1NCX OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17024Anthem Gold PPO 1000/30%/2500 (PY) PPO1NAW OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17027Anthem Gold PPO 1500/20%/3500 (EPHC) (CY) PPO1NDR OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17026Anthem Gold PPO 1500/20%/3500 (EPHC) (PY) PPO1NB1 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17029Anthem Gold PPO 1500/30%/4250 (EPHC) (CY) PPO1N88 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17028Anthem Gold PPO 1500/30%/4250 (EPHC) (PY) PPO1N6V OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17033Anthem Gold PPO 2000/0%/2000 w/HSA (CY) PPO1NCZ OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17032Anthem Gold PPO 2000/0%/2000 w/HSA (PY) PPO1NAU OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17035Anthem Gold PPO 2000/20%/3500 (EPHC) (CY) PPO1NDD OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17034Anthem Gold PPO 2000/20%/3500 (EPHC) (PY) PPO1N70 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17038Anthem Gold PPO 25/30%/5000 (CY) PPO1P6L OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17039Anthem Gold PPO 25/30%/5000 (PY) PPO1P6N OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17041Anthem Gold PPO 2600E/30%/4750 w/HSA (CY) PPO1NCU OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17040Anthem Gold PPO 2600E/30%/4750 w/HSA (PY) PPO1NAY OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17044Anthem Gold PPO 35/20%/6350 (CY) PPO1P6G OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17045Anthem Gold PPO 35/20%/6350 (PY) PPO1P6J OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17047Anthem Gold PPO 35/30%/5500 (EPHC) (CY) PPO1NB6 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17046Anthem Gold PPO 35/30%/5500 (EPHC) (PY) PPO1N77 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17049Anthem Gold PPO 500/20%/4500 (EPHC) (CY) PPO1NE0 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17048Anthem Gold PPO 500/20%/4500 (EPHC) (PY) PPO1N6P OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17050Anthem Gold PPO 500/30%/5000 (CY) PPO1P6U OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17051Anthem Gold PPO 500/30%/5000 (PY) PPO1P6W OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17053Anthem Gold PPO 750/20%/4000 (CY) PPO1NDF OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17052Anthem Gold PPO 750/20%/4000 (PY) PPO1NAK OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17054Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 1000/20%/3000 (EPHC) (CY) POS1N8G OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17055Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 1000/20%/3000 (EPHC) (PY) POS1NAJ OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17057Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 1000/20%/3500 (CY) POS1NDA OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17056Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 1000/20%/3500 (PY) POS1N74 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17059Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 1000/30%/2500 (CY) POS1NDP OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17058Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 1000/30%/2500 (PY) POS1N99 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17061Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 1500/20%/3500 (EPHC) (CY) POS1NDW OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17060Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 1500/20%/3500 (EPHC) (PY) POS1NB9 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17063Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 1500/30%/4250 (EPHC) (CY) POS1NBG OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17062Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 1500/30%/4250 (EPHC) (PY) POS1N6T OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17067Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 2000/0%/2000 w/HSA (CY) POS1ND2 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17066Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 2000/0%/2000 w/HSA (PY) POS1NAS OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17069Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 2000/20%/3500 (EPHC) (CY) POS1ND7 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17068Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 2000/20%/3500 (EPHC) (PY) POS1N6X OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17072Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 25/30%/5000 (CY) POS1P6C OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17073Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 25/30%/5000 (PY) POS1P6E OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17075Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 2600E/30%/4750 w/HSA (CY) POS1NDH OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17074Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 2600E/30%/4750 w/HSA (PY) POS1NAM OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17078Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 35/20%/6350 (CY) POS1P68 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17079Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 35/20%/6350 (PY) POS1P6A OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17081Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 35/30%/5500 (EPHC) (CY) POS1NCN OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17080Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 35/30%/5500 (EPHC) (PY) POS1N6W OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17083Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 500/20%/4500 (EPHC) (CY) POS1ND4 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17082Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 500/20%/4500 (EPHC) (PY) POS1N6R OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17084Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 500/30%/5000 (CY) POS1P6Q OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17085Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 500/30%/5000 (PY) POS1P6S OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17087Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 750/20%/4000 (CY) POS1NDK OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17086Anthem HealthKeepers Gold OAPOS 750/20%/4000 (PY) POS1N95 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17000Anthem HealthKeepers Gold Pathway X POS 1000/20%/2900 Plus (CY) POS1P7L ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17001Anthem HealthKeepers Gold Pathway X POS 500/20%/5000 Plus (CY) POS2064 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17088Anthem HealthKeepers Gold POS 1000/0%/4000 (CY) POS1P76 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17089Anthem HealthKeepers Gold POS 1000/0%/4000 (PY) POS1P78 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17091Anthem HealthKeepers Gold POS 1000/20%/3000 Plus (CY) POS1ZEK OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17090Anthem HealthKeepers Gold POS 1000/20%/3000 Plus (PY) POS1ZE8 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17094Anthem HealthKeepers Gold POS 500/20%/4000 Plus (CY) POS1P6Y OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17095Anthem HealthKeepers Gold POS 500/20%/4000 Plus (PY) POS1P70 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMGold 17002Anthem HealthKeepers Gold X OAPOS 3000/0%/4000 (EPHC) (CY) POS1P7K ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMPlatinum 17015Anthem HealthKeepers Platinum OAPOS 10/10%/2500 (CY) POS1NBR OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMPlatinum 17014Anthem HealthKeepers Platinum OAPOS 10/10%/2500 (PY) POS1N5H OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMPlatinum 17017Anthem HealthKeepers Platinum OAPOS 10/20%/3000 (CY) POS1NBH OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMPlatinum 17016Anthem HealthKeepers Platinum OAPOS 10/20%/3000 (PY) POS1N75 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMPlatinum 17018Anthem HealthKeepers Platinum OAPOS 15/10%/4000 (EPHC) (CY) POS1P43 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMPlatinum 17019Anthem HealthKeepers Platinum OAPOS 15/10%/4000 (EPHC) (PY) POS1P45 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMPlatinum 17202Anthem HealthKeepers Platinum OAPOS 35/0%/4000 (CY) POS20UF OFF-SHOP Benefits 4/1/201612/31/2016
VAMPlatinum 17203Anthem HealthKeepers Platinum OAPOS 35/0%/4000 (PY) POS20UH OFF-SHOP Benefits 4/1/201612/31/2016
VAMPlatinum 17009Anthem Platinum PPO 10/10%/2500 (CY) PPO1NBP OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMPlatinum 17008Anthem Platinum PPO 10/10%/2500 (PY) PPO1N5D OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMPlatinum 17011Anthem Platinum PPO 10/20%/3000 (CY) PPO1NBM OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMPlatinum 17010Anthem Platinum PPO 10/20%/3000 (PY) PPO1N72 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMPlatinum 17012Anthem Platinum PPO 15/10%/4000 (EPHC) (CY) PPO1P55 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMPlatinum 17013Anthem Platinum PPO 15/10%/4000 (EPHC) (PY) PPO1P57 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMPlatinum 17200Anthem Platinum PPO 35/0%/4000 (CY) PPO20V5 OFF-SHOP Benefits 4/1/201612/31/2016
VAMPlatinum 17201Anthem Platinum PPO 35/0%/4000 (PY) PPO20V7 OFF-SHOP Benefits 4/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17112Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 2000/30%/4750 (CY) POS1P7N OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17113Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 2000/30%/4750 (PY) POS1P7Q OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17115Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 2000/50%/6350 (EPHC) (CY) POS1N8M OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17114Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 2000/50%/6350 (EPHC) (PY) POS1N6E OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17117Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 2600E/20%/4500 w/HSA (CY) POS1NBF OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17116Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 2600E/20%/4500 w/HSA (PY) POS1N9P OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17210Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 2600E/20%/4500 w/HSA v2 (CY) POS20V1 OFF-SHOP Benefits 4/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17211Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 2600E/20%/4500 w/HSA v2 (PY) POS20V3 OFF-SHOP Benefits 4/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17208Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 2600E/30%/4750 w/HSA (CY) POS20UP OFF-SHOP Benefits 4/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17209Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 2600E/30%/4750 w/HSA (PY) POS20UR OFF-SHOP Benefits 4/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17118Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 2800E/20%/4000 w/HSA (CY) POS1N7P OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17119Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 2800E/20%/4000 w/HSA (PY) POS1N8N OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17121Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 3400/0%/3400 w/HSA (CY) POS1N8X OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17120Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 3400/0%/3400 w/HSA (PY) POS1N80 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17122Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 3500E/0%/3500 w/HSA (CY) POS1NAA OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17123Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 3500E/0%/3500 w/HSA (PY) POS1NAF OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17125Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 4000/20%/6850 (EPHC) (CY) POS1NC2 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17124Anthem HealthKeepers Silver OAPOS 4000/20%/6850 (EPHC) (PY) POS1N6J OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17003Anthem HealthKeepers Silver Pathway X POS 2000/30%/5500 Plus (CY) POS2060 ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17128Anthem HealthKeepers Silver POS 1250/40%/5500 Plus (CY) POS1P72 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17129Anthem HealthKeepers Silver POS 1250/40%/5500 Plus (PY) POS1P74 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17130Anthem HealthKeepers Silver POS 1500/35%/5500 Plus (CY) POS1ZEM OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17131Anthem HealthKeepers Silver POS 1500/35%/5500 Plus (PY) POS206A OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17132Anthem HealthKeepers Silver POS 2000E/0%/6000 (CY) POS1P7F OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17133Anthem HealthKeepers Silver POS 2000E/0%/6000 (PY) POS1P7H OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17135Anthem HealthKeepers Silver POS 2500/30%/5000 Plus (CY) POS1ZEF OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17134Anthem HealthKeepers Silver POS 2500/30%/5000 Plus (PY) POS1ZEB OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17212Anthem HealthKeepers Silver POS 2600E/10%/6550 Plus w/HSA (CY) POS20UT OFF-SHOP Benefits 4/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17213Anthem HealthKeepers Silver POS 2600E/10%/6550 Plus w/HSA (PY) POS20UV OFF-SHOP Benefits 4/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17137Anthem HealthKeepers Silver POS 2600E/30%/4500 Plus w/HSA (CY) POS205W OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17136Anthem HealthKeepers Silver POS 2600E/30%/4500 Plus w/HSA (PY) POS1ZE0 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17138Anthem HealthKeepers Silver POS 3000/0%/6500 (CY) POS1P7A OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17139Anthem HealthKeepers Silver POS 3000/0%/6500 (PY) POS1P7C OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17140Anthem HealthKeepers Silver POS 3000/20%/4500 Plus (CY) POS1ZE9 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17141Anthem HealthKeepers Silver POS 3000/20%/4500 Plus (PY) POS205U OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17004Anthem HealthKeepers Silver X OAPOS 4500E/0%/6000 (CY) POS1P7J ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17005Anthem HealthKeepers Silver X POS 2500/0%/5000 (CY) POS1P7D ON-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17096Anthem Silver PPO 2000/30%/4750 (CY) PPO1P7S OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17097Anthem Silver PPO 2000/30%/4750 (PY) PPO1P7U OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17099Anthem Silver PPO 2000/50%/6350 (EPHC) (CY) PPO1N7E OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17098Anthem Silver PPO 2000/50%/6350 (EPHC) (PY) PPO1N6C OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17101Anthem Silver PPO 2600E/20%/4500 w/HSA (CY) PPO1NBU OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17100Anthem Silver PPO 2600E/20%/4500 w/HSA (PY) PPO1N9M OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17206Anthem Silver PPO 2600E/20%/4500 w/HSA V2 (CY) PPO20UK OFF-SHOP Benefits 4/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17207Anthem Silver PPO 2600E/20%/4500 w/HSA V2 (PY) PPO20UM OFF-SHOP Benefits 4/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17204Anthem Silver PPO 2600E/30%/4750 w/HSA (CY) PPO20UX OFF-SHOP Benefits 4/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17205Anthem Silver PPO 2600E/30%/4750 w/HSA (PY) PPO20UZ OFF-SHOP Benefits 4/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17102Anthem Silver PPO 2800E/20%/4000 w/HSA (CY) PPO1N9Y OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17103Anthem Silver PPO 2800E/20%/4000 w/HSA (PY) PPO1NDM OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17104Anthem Silver PPO 3400/0%/3400 w/HSA (CY) PPO1N9T OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17105Anthem Silver PPO 3400/0%/3400 w/HSA (PY) PPO1NE6 OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17106Anthem Silver PPO 3500E/0%/3500 w/HSA (CY) PPO1NAC OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17107Anthem Silver PPO 3500E/0%/3500 w/HSA (PY) PPO1NAZ OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17109Anthem Silver PPO 4000/20%/6850 (EPHC) (CY) PPO1N7J OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
VAMSilver 17108Anthem Silver PPO 4000/20%/6850 (EPHC) (PY) PPO1N5V OFF-SHOP Benefits 1/1/201612/31/2016
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