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Cigna 06/20/2019Information About The Comparative Effectiveness Research Fee in 2019 
Cigna 10/31/2018Administration Releases New Guidance on HRAs and Section 1332 Waivers 
Cigna 10/11/20182019 Wellness Incentive Planning, Loneliness Crisis – and More News 
Cigna 10/17/2017Executive Action on Health Care 
Cigna 05/08/2017The American Health Care Act (AHCA) Passes the U.S. House 
Cigna 10/24/2016You're Invited – Navigating the Post-Election Landscape: Things to Know for 2017 
Cigna 10/07/2016Final 2016 Forms and Instructions for IRS Reporting Requirements 
Cigna 06/22/2016Reminder: 2016 Comparative Effectiveness Research Fee (CERF) Payment 
Cigna 06/17/20162015 Electronic Information Reporting Due to the IRS by June 30 
Cigna 05/25/2016Webinar Reminder: Fraud, Waste and Abuse Prevention Efforts. 
Cigna 05/25/2016June 8: Mark Your Calendar - Funding Options Webinar. 
Cigna 05/20/2016Final Rules on Employer Wellness Programs Under the ADA and GINA 
Cigna 05/18/2016Final Rule on Nondiscrimination in Health Programs and Activities 
Cigna 05/18/2016Global Medical Benefits That Travel When They Do 
Cigna 04/29/2016Expat Insights for Employers 
Cigna 03/30/2016Knowledge is Power 
Cigna 02/12/2016There’s A Reason They Love Us 
Cigna 10/27/2015More Information – Health Care Reform October 22 Web Meeting 
Cigna 10/19/2015Reminder – Minimum Essential Coverage and Large Employer Reporting Requirements 
Cigna 10/08/2015Web Meeting – Conquer the Challenges of 2016 Requirements 

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