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Medical Advice, Advocacy and Treatment Over the Phone

The Issue: One of the most challenging issues of our time is affordable and accessible healthcare.

The Solution: The healthPERX CardTM provides employees with 24/7 low-cost access to the healthcare they need while offering employers an innovative solution that reduces absenteeism, increases productivity, promotes consumerism and decreases overall healthcare costs.

With healthPERX, employees receive access to a Teladoc, Medical Health Advisor, Nurseline and Medical Bill Saver as well as Medical Travel Assistance. This team of healthcare experts diagnoses, treats and prescribes medicine when appropriate, helps clarify benefits and locate the best providers and services, gives general information on all types of health concerns, negotiates and saves money on medical bills, and provides access to a global network of practicing physicians. Where Teladoc was used as the core benefit, studies showed reductions in doctor and ER visits, absenteeism, and overall healthcare costs while promoting wellness, prevention and personal responsibility.

What's in it for your client?
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Increases productivity
  • Promotes consumerism
  • Decreases overall healthcare costs
What's in it for you?
  • Competitive commission
  • Diversify your product offering
  • Offset burden of ACA