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Aetna 01/18/2018Important Aetna Funding Advantage Updates 
CareFirst 01/18/2018Individual Market - CareFirst Video Visit Update 
CareFirst 01/18/2018Individual Market - Marketing Materials – Updated and Available 
CareFirst 01/10/2018Individual Market - 2018 Contraceptive Benefit Changes for Maryland and Virginia 
Kaiser 01/10/2018Cost-Sharing Changes for HSA-Qualified HDHP Plans 
MTDonahoe 01/10/2018DC Health Link - Broker News - January 5, 2018 
MTDonahoe 01/10/2018CBIZ Benefit Beat January 2018: Tax Reform: Impact on Benefits, Wellness Rule Review Fast Track, MSP Minefield, Sick and Family Leave Updates: California, Maryland, New York and Washington, and Inflationary Adjustments to Certain Reporting and Disclosure Failures* 
CareFirst 01/03/2018Maryland Contraceptive Equity Act Becomes Effective January 1, 2018 Upon Renewal for all New and Renewing Business 
CareFirst 01/03/2018Individual Market - Full Expansion of Level I Rating for CareFirst MedPlus Virginia 
CareFirst 01/03/2018Individual Market - 2018 Wellness Program Updates for Consumer Direct and Small Group 
CBIZ ACA 01/03/20181) Repeal of Individual Mandate, 2) Review of Penalties for Compliance Failures, 3) Updates on Women's Preventive Health Services, and 4) Year-End Reminders (Article) 
CBIZ ACA 01/03/2018IRS Delays Certain ACA Disclosures  
healthPERX 01/03/2018November HealthPERX Newsletter 
healthPERX 01/03/2018December HealthPERX Newsletter 
CareFirst 12/19/2017Individual Market - CareFirst’s Response to the Addiction Crisis 
CareFirst 12/19/2017CareFirst’s Response to the Addiction Crisis 
CareFirst 12/19/2017Access to Dispensing of Prescription Hormonal Contraceptives up to a 12-Month Supply Effective January 1, 2018 
CareFirst 12/19/2017Individual Market - CareFirst.com Main Landing Page Gets a Makeover 
CareFirst 12/19/2017Individual Market - Application Error – 2018 Maryland MedPlus Sales Brochures 
MTDonahoe 12/13/2017CBIZ Benefit Beat December 2017: Informational 2017 Form 5500 Issued, Enhanced Disability Claim Rules Delayed, Fiduciary Investment Advice Rules Delayed 18 Months, Missing, But Not Forgotten, Corrected Social Security Wage Base for 2018, and 2018 Medicare Premiums and Deductibles* 

* View the full Benefit Beat Archive here

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