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Anthem 03/14/201824-month Small Group Dental Rates Guaranteed Through June 1 
CareFirst 03/14/2018Individual Market - IRS Update on the Maryland Male Sterilization Benefit and High Deductible Health Plans with HSA Funding 
CareFirst 03/14/2018Individual Market - Re-carding of CD Members Who Have Earned Their Blue Rewards Incentive in 2018 
CareFirst 03/14/2018Individual Market - CareFirst to Use Medicare Beneficiary Identifier 
CareFirst 03/14/2018IRS Update on the Maryland Male Sterilization Benefit and High Deductible Health Plans with HSA Funding 
Aetna 03/14/2018Aetna Vision Preferred 
MTDonahoe 03/14/2018CBIZ Benefit Beat March 2018: The HSA Conundrum, Revised 2018 Cost of Living Adjustments, IRS Releases Revised Form W-4 for Employees, City of Austin Enacts Paid Sick Leave Ordinance, and Litigation Corner: Sexual Orientation Discrimination* 
Anthem 03/07/2018Med Supp Sales Bonus Program Effective for May 1 Enrollments 
Aetna 03/07/2018March 2018 Wellness Message 
Aetna 03/07/2018Automated Privacy Notices for AFA 
Anthem 03/07/2018Producer Online News 
CareFirst 03/07/2018Mailing to Group Members about New Vendor for CDH Plans and Blue Rewards Incentive Cards 
CareFirst 03/01/2018Individual Market - Phone Lines Closed – March 5, 2018 
healthPERX 03/01/2018February HealthPERX Newsletter 
CareFirst 03/01/2018Process for Average Age Adjustment Requests 
CareFirst 03/01/2018Mailing for 1095-B Form Scheduled for February 
CareFirst 03/01/2018Individual Market - Recurring Payment Information Not Received 
CareFirst 03/01/2018Updates on the April 1 Migration of the Blue Rewards Incentive Card and CDH Plan Administration to Further 
CareFirst 03/01/2018Individual Market - Member Communication – CareFirst’s New Partnership with Further for Health Savings Accounts 
Anthem 02/21/2018Final Reminder: Small Groups Move to Online Billing and Payment March 1 

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