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Anthem 05/16/2019Two Ways Dental Essential Choice PPO Gives Members More For Their Money 
CBIZ ACA 05/16/20191) Status of ACA Litigation; 2) Murky Future of AHPs; 3) Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2020; and 4) Extended Transition Period for ACA Compliant Policies 
MTDonahoe 05/16/2019CBIZ Benefit Beat May 2019: EEO-1 Report Expanded, IRS Expands Self-Correction Program, Adjusted Penalties for Violations of HIPAA Privacy, Security and Breach Laws, Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Adjustments for 2020, State Family Leave Law Updates: Massachusetts and District of Columbia, and Local Government Paid Sick Leave Updates: City of Minneapolis, Westchester County, NY and City of Dallas 
MTDonahoe 05/16/2019CareFirst MedPlus Broker Webinar The Growing Senior Market 
Trustmark 05/10/2019Introducing Trustmark 
Trustmark 05/02/2019Watch a Video, Take a Quiz, Enter to Win $50! 
Kaiser 05/02/2019Double Your Rewards With The Double Play Bonus 
CareFirst 05/02/2019Measles Vaccinations 
Kaiser 04/24/2019New Sales Incentive Program 
Kaiser 04/24/2019Learn How Kaiser Permanente Works For Baltimore 
CareFirst 04/24/2019New! More Balanced 51+ Offerings to Meet Employer Needs 
CareFirst 04/24/2019New Video Visit Services Launching Early May 
CareFirst 04/24/2019FirstCare Team Provides Personalized Support for Members 
CareFirst 04/24/2019What’s New with Wellness 
CareFirst 04/24/2019New Security Feature Being Added to My Account, Two-step Verification Launches to Members in May 
Anthem 04/18/2019What Makes Our Dental Plans Worth A Second Look 
MTDonahoe 04/17/2019CBIZ Benefit Beat April 2019: FMLA Guidance Issued, Increased Penalty for Failure to Post EEOC Notice, San Francisco HCSO Report Due April 30th, Updates: Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave, Take Two, and New Jersey Pre-Tax Transit Benefit Coming Soon* 
Kaiser 04/11/2019Resolve Dental Issues Quickly With New Process 
MTDonahoe 04/11/2019Health Care Reform Updates 
Kaiser 04/11/2019Kaiser Permanente Plans $247 Million Medical Hub in Timonium, MD 

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