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MTDonahoe 10/15/2020DCHL - Broker News & Updates 
MTDonahoe 08/13/2020MHBE - Suspension Of Terminations Of QHP For Non-Payment 
MTDonahoe 08/13/2020MHBE - Governor Hogan Announces Reopening Of Coronavirus Special Enrollment To Uninsured Marylanders As COVID-19 Pandemic Continues 
MTDonahoe 07/08/2020DCHL - Broker News: Premium Relief for DC Health Link Groups, Catching up on Premium Payments, and Special Enrollment Opportunity During the Pandemic 
MTDonahoe 06/25/2020DCHL - A New Era: Resilience And Opportunity Join Us For Powerup DC 2020 A Virtual Business Forum 
MTDonahoe 06/25/2020DCHL - A One-Time Premium Reduction For DC Health Link Enrolled Employers 
CBIZ ACA 06/11/2020Annual PCORI Fee And Filing 
CBIZ ACA 05/18/20201) Final CMS Benefit And Payment Parameters For 2021; And 2) Annual PCORI Fee And Filing 
MTDonahoe 05/13/2020UnitedHealthcare DC Health Link Small Group Broker Webinar 
MTDonahoe 04/29/2020DCHL - A Year to Pay Back Premiums 
MTDonahoe 04/13/2020DCHL - New Flexibility For Deferring Your DC Health Link Health Insurance Premiums 
MTDonahoe 04/06/2020DCHL - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update - SHOP Special Enrollment Opportunity 
MTDonahoe 04/03/2020DCHL - New SHOP SEP For Coronavirus (COVID-19) 
MTDonahoe 04/02/2020DCHL - April 1, 2020 Broker News 
MTDonahoe 04/01/2020DC Health Link, MTDonahoe, and UnitedHealthCare 
MTDonahoe 03/26/2020DCHL - Broker Webinar Friday, March 27 About Coronavirus (COVID-19) 
MTDonahoe 03/25/2020DCHL - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update On How to Enroll In Health Insurance 
MTDonahoe 03/23/2020DCHL - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Benefits Update 
MTDonahoe 03/19/2020DCHL - New Health Care Benefits For Coronavirus (COVID-19) From DC Health Link Plans 
MTDonahoe 03/18/2020MHBE - Emergency Enrollment Period Is Available March 16-April 15, 2020 

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