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CareFirst 12/13/2018Individual Market - HSA 2019 ACA Renewals and New Subscribers 
CareFirst 12/06/2018Broker Hub Updates: Partner Approval for Enrollment Submissions, Broker Single Sign On (SSO) to Further, and Producer Service Fee (PSF) Changes 
CareFirst 11/29/2018Coverage for Fertility Awareness-Based Methods 
CareFirst 11/29/2018Coverage for Elevated or Impaired Blood Glucose Levels, Prediabetes, and Obesity Treatment 
CareFirst 11/29/2018BlueFund Consumer-Directed Health Plans (CDH) Updates 
CareFirst 11/29/2018Individual Market - Important Information About HSA Plans 
CareFirst 11/29/2018Coverage of Fertility Preservation Procedures for Iatrogenic Infertility 
CareFirst 11/29/2018Lymphedema Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Treatment 
CareFirst 11/29/2018Prescribing & Dispensing of Self-administered Contraceptives 
CareFirst 11/20/20182019 Formulary Management Strategy 
CareFirst 11/20/2018Individual Market - Prior Authorization for Genetic Tests 
CareFirst 11/20/2018Individual Market - 2019 Formulary Management Strategy 
CareFirst 11/20/2018Prior Authorization for Genetic Tests 
CareFirst 11/14/2018Issuance of 2019 Broker Contracts 
CareFirst 11/07/2018Individual Market - Follow-up from the October 18 Broker Forum 
CareFirst 11/07/2018Individual Market - CareFirst Promotes 2019 Premium Savings Through Marketing Campaign 
CareFirst 10/31/2018Broker Hub Updates – ACA and Group 
CareFirst 10/31/2018One Medical Rejoins CareFirst Provider Network 
CareFirst 10/31/20182019 Blue Rewards Program Changes 
CareFirst 10/31/2018Individual Market - One Medical Rejoins CareFirst Provider Network 

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