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CareFirst 10/10/2019CareFirst Focuses on Whole Health with New Bundling Discount 
CareFirst 10/04/2019Medicare Modernization Act and Disclosure of Creditable vs. Non-Creditable Prescription Drug Coverage 
CareFirst 10/04/2019Update to Broker Audit—Delivery of Renewal Packages and Summaries of Benefits and Coverage  
CareFirst 10/04/2019Reminder: Full-Time Equivalent Submission Form Required for Renewals 
CareFirst 10/04/2019Scale Back Lifestyle Change Program Has Launched 
CareFirst 09/12/2019MD Coverage for Single Dispensing of up to a 12-Month Supply of Prescription Contraceptives - Effective January 1, 2020 
CareFirst 09/12/2019Hurricane Dorian – Member Access to Care and Prescriptions 
CareFirst 09/05/2019New Dental Marketing Material 
CareFirst 08/29/2019Reminder: Broker Acknowledgment Form Required on CareFirst MedPlus Medicare Supplement Sales 
CareFirst 08/29/2019Targeted Member Outreach Campaign Update 
CareFirst 08/29/2019Coming Soon—Scale Back Lifestyle Change Program 
CareFirst 08/29/2019CareFirst to Audit Broker Delivery of Summaries of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs) to Accounts 
CareFirst 08/29/2019Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) Rebate Mailings in September 
CareFirst 08/29/2019D.C. Breast Density Screening and Notification Amendment - Effective July 1, 2019 
CareFirst 08/14/2019Whole Health Bundling Discount Launch 
CareFirst 08/14/2019VA Expedited Review of Adverse Coverage Determinations for Cancer – Effective Immediately  
CareFirst 08/14/2019New Process for On-Exchange Voluntary Terminations 
CareFirst 08/14/20192019 Group Contract Applications Reminder 
CareFirst 08/14/2019CareFirst Video Visit Marketing Campaign 
CareFirst 08/14/2019Medication Prior Authorization Updates 

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