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CareFirst 07/30/2020Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information: Updates On Blue Rewards, CareFirst Video Visit And Provider-Sponsored Telemedicine 
CareFirst 07/24/2020Non-Discrimination Artificial Insemination Emergency Bill (MD.20:HB959) 
CareFirst 07/24/2020Enhanced Monitoring Program Ending July 31 
CareFirst 07/24/2020Applications and Forms to Be Removed From Employer Portal 
CareFirst 07/08/2020Enhancements to My Account User Experience 
CareFirst 07/08/2020CareFirst to Offer Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans 
CareFirst 07/08/2020CareFirst to Offset Cost of Additional Dental Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 
CareFirst 06/25/20202020 Mandated Health Benefit Updates 
CareFirst 06/25/2020Maryland Exchange Special Enrollment Period Extension 
CareFirst 06/25/2020Some SmartShopper Fees Waived Through 2020 For Self-Insured Accounts New To Program 
CareFirst 06/25/2020Launching Blue High Performance Network 
CareFirst 06/25/2020Expert Consult Program Marketing Campaign 
CareFirst 06/25/20202020 Vitality Mails To Subscribers This Month 
CareFirst 06/15/2020CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield To Provide Premium Credits 
CareFirst 06/15/2020Advocacy Service, New Broker Research Community and Changes to Broker Administration 
CareFirst 06/11/2020CareFirst Extending Special Enrollment Period For Individuals In MD And NVA 
CareFirst 06/11/2020Frequently Asked Questions - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Antibody/Serology Testing 
CareFirst 06/11/2020Coming Soon - Advocacy Service 
CareFirst 06/04/2020Coverage Update: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Antibody Testing 
CareFirst 05/28/20202020 Rx Enhancements 

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