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Aetna 07/10/2017Important Aetna Funding Advantage Updates - Week of 7/3 
Aetna 07/10/2017It's here! Apple Watch for AFA Enrollment in the Springboard Marketplace 
Aetna 07/10/2017Register for AFA & Apple Watch Training 
Aetna 07/05/2017Register Today: Exclusive Broker Seminar 
Aetna 06/26/2017Important Aetna Funding Advantage Updates - Week of 6/19 
Aetna 06/20/2017Register Today: Springboard Marketplace Webinar for Aetna Funding Advantage (AFA) Virginia and Maryland 
Aetna 06/20/2017SMARTer quotes 
Aetna 06/12/2017Important Aetna Funding Advantage Updates - Week of 6/5 
Aetna 06/12/2017Important AFA Counting Update for Virginia 
Aetna 06/06/2017Important Aetna Funding Advantage Updates 
Aetna 06/06/2017New Aetna Navigator 
Aetna 05/25/2017Important AFA Underwriting Update 
Aetna 05/22/2017Aetna Funding Advantage Eebinar for Maryland and Virginia 
Aetna 05/22/2017Convenient Access to Benefits Information 
Aetna 05/22/2017Important Aetna Funding Advantage Updates: Local-Network Options, New Promotion Flyer, and Broker Bonus 
Aetna 05/15/2017Important Aetna Funding Advantage Updates 
Aetna 05/09/2017Aetna Funding Advantage Bonus 
Aetna 05/08/2017Healthy Eyes, Healthy Small Business Aetna Vision Preferred 
Aetna 05/02/2017Discover The Many Ways That Aetna Funding Advantage Can Help Your Business Save 
Aetna 04/24/2017Find Out How You Can Save 

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