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Aetna 11/15/2017Important Aetna Funding Advantage Updates - Week of 11/6 
Aetna 11/07/20171095s for AFA 
Aetna 10/18/2017AFA Renewals and Conversions on Springboard 
Aetna 10/17/2017Important Aetna Funding Advantage Updates - Week of 10/9 
Aetna 10/04/2017Don't Forget To Register Today For The Webinar 
Aetna 10/04/2017See How A Shared Surplus Plan Helps You Save 
Aetna 09/28/2017Preventive Services Member Flyer 
Aetna 09/27/2017Important Aetna Funding Advantage Updates - Week of 9/18 
Aetna 09/20/2017We're Extending Our AFA Apple Watch Offer 
Aetna 09/13/20171095s made easy with AFA 
Aetna 09/12/2017New Local Mailbox For 51-100 Quote Requests (VA, MD and DC) 
Aetna 09/12/2017Quote AFA For 1/1 Now 
Aetna 09/06/2017AFA Early Bird Administrative Credit 
Aetna 09/06/2017AFA Springboard Marketplace Training 
Aetna 09/05/2017SMART Renewals 
Aetna 08/29/20172018 Benefits Update - Virginia 
Aetna 08/29/20172018 Benefits Update - Maryland 
Aetna 08/29/2017AFA Case Submission Dates 
Aetna 08/23/2017Important Aetna Funding Advantage Updates - Week of 8/14 
Aetna 08/22/2017Save Money — And Time — With A Self-funded Health Plan 

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