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Aetna 11/20/2018Earn More Selling Aetna Funding Advantage in Maryland 
Aetna 10/18/2018Earn More for Selling AFA 
Aetna 09/26/2018Get your 10/1 Sales Notices In 
Aetna 09/26/2018Apple Watch From Aetna Program FAQ 
Aetna 09/12/2018Aetna Fall Webinar for DC, MD and VA Brokers 
Aetna 09/12/2018Important Aetna Funding Advantage (AFA) Updates - Week of 9/10 
Aetna 09/12/2018Top 10 Reasons to Sell Aetna and Innovation Health Funding Advantage! 
Aetna 09/05/2018More Plan Options with AFA 
Aetna 09/05/2018AFA Surplus - Savings for Small Business 
Aetna 09/05/2018Aetna Funding Advantage New Business Administrative Fee Credit 
Aetna 08/27/2018Start Training with AFA 
Aetna 08/27/2018Earn Even More in 2018 with Aetna Broker Bonus Program 
Aetna 08/27/2018AFA Fall Webinars for DC, MD and VA Brokers 
Aetna 08/22/2018Top 10 Reasons to Sell Aetna Funding Advantage! 
Aetna 08/15/2018Important Aetna Funding Advantage Updates - Week of 8/6 
Aetna 08/08/2018AFA Administrative Fee Credit 
Aetna 07/25/2018New AFA Application 
Aetna 07/25/2018Important Aetna Funding Advantage Updates 
Aetna 07/10/2018Something Great is Coming from Aetna 
Aetna 07/10/2018Apple Watch and Aetna Funding Advantage Plans – a Powerful Combo 

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