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Effective DateCarrierNew Business DeadlineRenewal DeadlineNote(s)  
05/01/2017Anthem HSA/HRA (Group) Mellon04/10/201703/30/2017  
05/01/2017Anthem (Group) 04/10/201704/15/2017  
05/01/2017Innovation Health (Group)04/10/201704/15/2017  
05/01/2017Aetna (Group)04/05/201704/15/2017  
05/01/2017Anthem HSA/HRA (Group) Non-Mellon   04/10/201704/10/2017  
05/01/2017CareFirst (Group)04/10/201704/10/2017  
05/01/2017DC Health Link (Group)04/05/201704/05/2017  
05/01/2017Kaiser Permanente (Group)04/10/201704/15/2017  
05/01/2017Dominion National (Group)04/10/201704/15/2017  
05/01/2017Evergreen (Group)04/10/201704/10/2017  
05/01/2017Trustmark/Starmark (Group)04/20/201704/10/2017  
05/01/2017Anthem Individual Dental04/15/2017 1  
05/01/2017Anthem Individual Over 6504/30/2017 1  
05/01/2017Anthem Individual Under 6504/15/2017 1  
05/01/2017CareFirst Individual Dental04/20/2017 1  
05/01/2017CareFirst Individual Over 6504/30/2017 1  
05/01/2017Kaiser Individual Under 6504/15/2017 1  
05/01/2017CareFirst Indiv Under 65 (Off-Exchange)04/20/2017   
05/01/2017CareFirst Indiv Under 65 (On-Exchange)04/15/2017   
05/01/2017Combined Insurance (Group)04/15/201704/15/2017  
05/01/2017Combined Insurance (Individual)04/15/201704/15/20171  
05/15/2017Aetna (Group)04/21/201705/01/2017  
06/01/2017Anthem (Group) 05/10/201705/15/2017  
06/01/2017Anthem HSA/HRA (Group) Mellon05/10/201704/29/2017  
06/01/2017Innovation Health (Group)05/10/201705/15/2017  
06/01/2017Aetna (Group)05/05/201705/15/2017  
06/01/2017Anthem HSA/HRA (Group) Non-Mellon   05/10/201705/10/2017  
06/01/2017CareFirst (Group)05/10/201705/10/2017  
06/01/2017DC Health Link (Group)05/05/201705/05/2017  
06/01/2017Kaiser Permanente (Group)05/10/201705/15/2017  

1This is the date in which the carrier must receive the application. Please give M.T. Donahoe adequate time to process the application prior to the deadline.

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