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The Issue: As the financial responsibilities of payroll administration grow ever more complex, managing these functions can distract business owners from growing their enterprises and delivering exceptional service and products to customers. Additionally, major payroll providers are using their payroll service as a way to get their foot in the door with the goal of acquiring your group clients’ health insurance business.

The Solution: PayChoice runs payroll, so your clients can run their businesses. Offer payroll to your clients before someone else does.

PayChoice offers payroll processing, tax administration and customized reporting. Your clients also receive crucial support from a dedicated, FPC (Fundamental Payroll Certification) service representative who will serve as their single point of contact. After meeting with their PayChoice professional for a needs analysis and going through a simple conversion process, your clients will receive personalized coverage that provides them with Fortune 500-style benefits and employee management solutions. This product can be sold alongside CareFirst or standalone.

What's in it for your clients?
  • Lower priced than major competitors (by at least 15%)
  • No connectivity fee when bundled with CareFirst medical
  • Better customer service with simplified administration
  • Access to employee and management tools
  • Data automatically transmitted between PayChoice and CareFirst
  • Improved cash flow: Inaccurate benefits information and billing errors caused by manual entry and duplicate data can disrupt cash flow. PayChoice increases accuracy and decreases the need for your clients to devote resources into tracking data and correcting errors.
What's in it for you?
  • Client retention: payroll companies are actively pursuing your clients by utilizing payroll as a way to get their foot in the door and become the broker on your clients’ health insurance business. Protect your book by offering a cost effective and expert payroll solution to your group clients.

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