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An Accurate and Simple Payroll Solution for Your Large Group Clients

The Issue: Your large group clients need an accurate and simple payroll solution that offers the latest in payroll technology.

The Solution: CBIZ Payroll has an integrated employee solution that provides the highest level of client service.

A business’s success depends on how well it can manage many areas of expertise; some having nothing to do with the actual business—but are an integral part of doing business. CBIZ Payroll, Inc. is committed to making business easier. CBIZ Payroll offers integrated employee benefit services—Section 125 and COBRA administration. We understand the time consuming nature of these functions, as well as the complexity of federal and state regulation compliance.

What's in it for your clients?
  • It is an accurate and simple payroll solution.
  • Sensitive and critical information is at the client’s fingertips with our remote entry software.
  • We offer integrated employee benefit services—Section 125 and COBRA administration.
  • Group information can easily be transferred between our entities upon request.
  • Our streamlined and integrated process results in more efficient, less costly services to their business.
  • We recognize the need for comprehensive employee benefit plans in order to attract and retain quality employees.

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