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Self-Funded and Stop-Loss Plans

Since self-funded plans are not impacted by all of the ACA provisions, small businesses that have not traditionally offered self-funded plans are now considering this approach. Available to groups 5-50 and 51+.

Self-funded plans are not subject to the ACA rules regarding:
  • Providing Essential Health Benefits
  • Modified Community Rating
  • The Health Insurance Industry Fee
Employers with self-funded plans and stop-loss insurance can gain a number of benefits:
  • Flexibility to tailor benefits to meet employee's needs
  • Plan costs may be less than a fully insured plan
  • Employers have more control over health care expenditures
  • If health care costs are low in a particular plan year, the employer—not the insurer—may keep the savings
  • Employers pay for the cost of their employees' care; a set amount each month
  • Stop-loss insurance protects against higher, unexpected costs

Self-funded plans are administered by Starmark and stop-loss insurance is provided by Trustmark Life Insurance Company.


EffectiveCarrierNew Business Deadline  Note(s)
05/01/2019Trustmark/Starmark (Group)04/10/2019  
06/01/2019Trustmark/Starmark (Group)05/10/2019  
07/01/2019Trustmark/Starmark (Group)06/10/2019  
08/01/2019Trustmark/Starmark (Group)07/10/2019  
09/01/2019Trustmark/Starmark (Group)08/10/2019  
10/01/2019Trustmark/Starmark (Group)09/10/2019  
11/01/2019Trustmark/Starmark (Group)10/10/2019  
12/01/2019Trustmark/Starmark (Group)11/10/2019  


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