Individual Medicare Supplement
Heather Edwards

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The Issue: An individual retiring or losing employer coverage

The Solution: Medicare Supplement Insurance

  • Freedom to choose any doctor, specialist or hospital that accepts Medicare
  • Nationwide coverage with no referrals required
  • No deductibles or copays (for some plans)
  • Additional coverage options including dental and vision are available

What's in it for YOU?

  • Plans available in MD, DC & VA
  • Be a resource for your group clients
  • Easy enrollment
  • Commissions
  • 24/7 access to your Individual Broker Portal
  • Marketing and Sales support
  • Product Training and Education
  • No certification process required

To start selling Medicare Supplement, contact Heather Edwards

For brokers not interested in selling Medicare we offer a referral service. Contact us or submit a prospect/client information here



EffectiveCarrierNew Business Deadline  Note(s)
02/01/2020CareFirst (Medicare Supplement)01/31/2020  
02/01/2020CareFirst Off-Exchange (Individual)01/20/2020  1
02/01/2020CareFirst On-Exchange (Individual)01/15/2020  1
03/01/2020CareFirst (Medicare Supplement)02/28/2020  
03/01/2020CareFirst Off-Exchange (Individual)02/20/2020  1
03/01/2020CareFirst On-Exchange (Individual)02/15/2020  1
04/01/2020CareFirst (Medicare Supplement)03/31/2020  
04/01/2020CareFirst Off-Exchange (Individual)03/20/2020  1
04/01/2020CareFirst On-Exchange (Individual)03/15/2020  1
05/01/2020CareFirst (Medicare Supplement)04/30/2020  

1This is the date in which the carrier must receive the application. Please give M.T. Donahoe adequate time to process the application prior to the deadline.


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